The Russians have bathed in the forbidden place and paid the price


Photo: Patrizia Cortellessa / ZumaPress /

A tourist from Russia climbed into the Trevi fountain in Rome and was fined 450 euros local authorities. About it reports the edition Wanted in Rome.

Earlier in August, two 50-year-old Americans also paid a fine of 450 euros once jumped into the fountain of the eighteenth century, to bathe in which is strictly prohibited. The week before the pensioner from America decided to dip the toes in the fountain next to the Vittoriano, which was also fined. Also in August, the Trevi fountain, jumped two Canadians.

The Trevi fountain was built in 1732-1762 years and is considered the largest in Rome. Authorities have banned tourists to climb on in, and violators are charged a fine of 450 euros. However, many travelers still jump into the water and continue to swim in the fountain.

21 August, two British tourists were naked in the fountain near the monument to Victor Emmanuel II (Vittoriano) in Rome at the Piazza Venezia and caught on video. The video, filmed a tour guide, you can see how the two men pose for the camera and goofing around in their underwear standing in the water not far from the monument erected in memory of those killed in the First world war.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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