Control center “investigation” stopped work after the death of the journalists in the CARS


Photo: Andrew Konyahin / Facebook

Control center “investigation” (LRC) stopped work after the death in the Central African Republic Russian journalist Orhan Jemal, Alexander Rastorguev and Kirill Radchenko. About this in his Facebook said the chief editor of the sdgs Andrew konyahin.

“The LRC is no more. And me as editor-in-chief. Can’t write a word that is not related to the murder of our friends in Africa. It’s not a professional deformation. Just don’t want to think about anything else. And I won’t until I get all involved”, — he wrote.

Konyahin added that he takes full responsibility for for the deaths of reporters and freelance reporter “would find these creatures, who killed the group.”

27 Aug Agency FUN published fragments of correspondence, which led the members of the crew with him Konyahina and other staff of the centre before and during the trip. The author of the article Alexei Gromov drew the conclusion that SDG was negligent to the safety of journalists whilst on business. In particular, it was stated that konyahin gave them a task — to burn the accreditation for the camera. Editor-in-chief of the LRC said that the chat was conducted only a part of communication, and the main issues were resolved over the phone.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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