First date the doctor ended life-saving



The American anaesthetist Andy Traynor (Traynor Andi) told how on the first date had to do heart massage and artificial respiration on her boyfriend. According to the Mirror, he had a heart attack.

The incident occurred in Santa Cruz, California. 45-year-old Traynor asked out her 56-year-old friend Max Montgomery (Montgomery Max), confessed her sympathy. In the morning, the couple went to the beach where riding on sapogah — inflatable boards with a paddle.

When the man got out of the water, he suddenly lost consciousness and fell. Scared Traynor tried to feel his pulse. It was not, and the doctor began CPR. Witnesses to the incident called an ambulance, it came after seven minutes. On the way to the hospital the doctors were able to revive Montgomery with injections of adrenaline and electrical discharges.

Later, the man admitted that he found the situation extremely awkward, “I finally said to the woman, which I really liked, his sympathy, and she told me the same, and now this attack. Who wants to meet with those who have just had a seizure?”. Once Montgomery came to, he called Traynor and apologized, and she burst into tears of relief.

The next day the man made coronary artery bypass surgery, and then in the house he said to lover that will understand, if she doesn’t want to go with him on a second date. She said that they would support him in any way. When the man was discharged from the hospital, they again went to the beach and there first kiss.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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