Netanyahu’s wife accused of bribery for the sake of image of the husband


Sara and Benjamin Netanyahu Photo: Amos Ben Gershom / GPO via Getty Images

Sara Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu — is suspected of receiving bribes. As reported by The Times of Israel, it officially became accused of corrupt ties confidants of the Prime Minister and the owner of the largest Israeli telecommunications company Bezeq (“Bezeq”).

Previously, Sara was interrogated for “case of 4000”. Investigators are trying to prove that the owner of Bezeq Shaul Elovich was provided preferential treatment in exchange for positive coverage of Netanyahu on the news portal Walla (controlled company).

As reported at the meeting of the court, the Prosecutor, the investigation is “at an advanced stage”. It is expected that the case will be transferred to the Prosecutor in the next six months.

According to police, there is evidence that Elovich and his wife iris, as the couple and Netanyahu, fully aware of the significance of their actions. The press has also reported that law enforcement authorities have correspondence with women, concerning benefits for Bezeq and quality of publications in Walla.

Sara Netanyahu pleads not guilty. Her lawyers said that this accusation is absurd and nothing of the reported police did not actually happened.

The newspaper points out that currently the Prime Minister is not a defendant in the case. However, the police intend to recommend charges of bribery for him. In turn, Netanyahu any violations of the law also denies.

At the end of June it was reported that Sarah Netanyahu was charged with fraud, illicit enrichment and betrayal of public trust. According to the Ministry, it ordered the official residence of the Prime Minister food from different chefs, even when the regular chef was on the spot, and spent thus 100 thousand dollars.

Against the Prime Minister currently has conducted several investigations into corruption cases. So, in 2016, Netanyahu was accused of spending more than 2.1 million shekels (at the time about 542 thousand dollars) during the five-day visit to the plenary anniversary session of the UN General Assembly.

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