On the Arctic island of Alger were the first archeological excavations


Photo: government.YaNAO.Russia

On the island of Alger of the archipelago of Franz-Joseph were archaeological work on the study of the remnants of a unique monument — “camp Ziegler”, who in 1901 established the Norwegian-American expedition led by Evelina Baldwin. About TASS said the Director of the national Park “Russian Arctic” Alexander Kirilov.

Similar excavations were conducted on the island for the first time and lasted about three weeks. “The material collected is now going to analyze and generalize,” said Kirilov.

According to the chief of Department of preservation of historical and cultural heritage of the Park Eugene Yermolov, who led the expedition this year was important to record the object as an archaeological monument and put it on the record. Was defined by the object boundary, topographic reconnaissance survey over a large area and suhovka to detect the presence of the cultural layer. Archaeologists have found the remains of the observatories used to study the Earth’s magnetic field and launch the balloons, which were filled with hydrogen.

“Near the camp was the setting that produces the hydrogen to run the balloons – they started to send messages to the mainland, this extravagant thing was. The hydrogen produced with the help of sulphuric acid, which threw iron, lead and zinc. We managed to find the bottom and part of the walls of a large wooden VAT, where it was sulfuric acid,” said Moses, adding that the scientists found a variety of items, some of which you must preserve, so they are not destroyed.

Base and commissary of the expedition of Baldwin, which is called “Camp Ziegler” is one of the most well-preserved historic monuments in the Land of Franz Joseph. It is located on the sandy shore, which in recent years due to climate change in the Arctic is exposed to destruction by the surf. Five years ago, the base was more than ten meters from the edge of the earth, and now it falls into the area of the collapse of the Bank. This year he continued to deteriorate due to frequent rains and soil erosion.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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