Pictures of naked Holocaust victims have been locking


Photo: RIA Novosti

Center mutual respect Anne Frank (The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect), based in the United States, complained of locking in the organization group and Facebook entries about the study awareness of the Holocaust among Americans. How to respond to the Verge, the article was illustrated with the naked victims.

The photograph depicts emaciated naked children. Representatives of the organization noted that a similar publication to pass moderation on Twitter, but Facebook has been blocked without explanation. The representatives of the social network did not respond to treatment two days after the Centre decided to refer to them publicly.

Several hours later, Facebook restored the publication and apologized. The representative of the social network explained to the publication that, according to the standards, Facebook is prohibited to publish pictures of naked children, but in this case, the historically significant, therefore, was not unreasonable.

The representative of the Center of mutual respect Anne Frank lamented that Facebook is moderated by their community, but ignores the group of supporters of the idea of Holocaust denial.

In March 2017 Facebook refused to approve as a promotional publication of the auction house Mossgreen with a picture of “Women lovers” the 37-year-old Australian pop art artist Charles Blackman (Charles Blackman). Despite the fact that the image was a piece of art in the social network refused to cancel the decision.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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