The dog fell from a ship in a storm and five kilometers swam to shore



The dog fell from the boat during the storm, managed to swim five miles, made it to land and found the owner. Reported by ABC 7.

Shane Hale (Shane Hale) from the American city of Sarasota, Florida, wanted to sail around the world. A traveler took the only beloved pet — dog named Harley, which started five years ago.

Off the West coast of Florida the yacht was caught in a violent storm. The ship barely kept afloat, going in circles because of the failed engine. Broken wind mast hit Hale, and he lost consciousness.

When the man woke up, Harley was not there. During a storm the waves washed the dog overboard. Hale contacted the coast guard and waited for rescue. Although the storm destroyed the yacht, on which he spent all his savings, he cared only about the missing dog.

“The owner was completely unmoved, says the captain of the tug, which sailed to the aid of Haley. Says: “we Need to find a dog. Spit on the ship, I just need the dog.” You can’t imagine the turmoil he was.”

Once on shore, the traveler wrote about the missing dog on social media. In less than a day he called the man that Hurley found on the beach. The dog managed to swim five miles among the three-meter waves and made it safely to land.

On 28 August it was reported that in USA, the dog waited dead mistress at the scene of the accident almost three weeks. The car that she was driving on a mountain road, fell from a height of 200 meters. The dog fell from the window of the car and survived.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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