The US will rearm due to the equal strength of Russia


Photo: Omar Sobhani / Reuters

The U.S. is no longer their citizens a safe haven, said the head of the Northern command of the US Armed forces and command of the aerospace defense of North America General Terrence O’shaughnessy. It is reported the Military Times.

According to him, now, when on the world stage competing great powers, the United States is no longer invulnerable. “We are changing our approach to security, he said. — Before we thought we were surrounded by oceans and friendly countries in the North and in the South we’re safe, but now the situation changes, our opponents are already able to get to us.”

According to O’shaughnessy and Minister of defense James Mattis, these opponents are China and Russia, the newspaper writes. “We need to approach security differently, not like before (…) you must know how we will defend against with equal force of the enemy,” the General said.

He noted that a good example of a new approach to defense — the installation of a new radar with active phased array (AESA) for the F-16. New devices intercept cruise missiles, and can also calculate a larger number of targets.

As writes the edition, example of the vulnerability of Washington to Moscow was the development of Russia hypersonic missiles “Dagger”.

In July it was reported that in the coming years the Russian army will get to use innovations in the field of strategic weapons: precision weapons and information systems.

March 1 during the announcement of the message to the Federal Assembly President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke about the development of new weapons systems, which are capable to overcome missile defense and air defense. It was, in particular, on strategic missile complex “Sarmat”, a cruise missile with unlimited range underwater drone aircraft missile complex “Dagger”, a hypersonic missile complex with the cruise planning unit and a combat laser unit.

In December last year it became known that Russia plans to allocate for rearmament of the army and Navy 19 trillion rubles. Thus in the final version of the state armaments programme (GPV) on 2018-2027 years, the priority given to nuclear deterrence, precision weapons, and equipment for General purpose forces.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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