Angry because of the trump in diapers Londoners came up with revenge on the mayor


Photo: @YannyBruere

A huge inflatable balloon in the shape of London mayor Sadiq Khan in a bikini appeared in the sky over the British capital. So city residents will Express their protest due permission from the authorities to levitate the globe in the form of US President Donald trump in diapers during his visit to the United Kingdom in July, writes The Independent.

Protest organizers have collected 58 million pounds to the creation of nearly nine ball, which will be part of a campaign to call to remove Khan from his post. The image of the mayor will appear above the parliamentary square in London on Saturday 1 September.

“Once the balloon trump-the child is allowed to raise into the sky over London, run the ball and Khan, child and will see if there is freedom of speech and allow the mayor and the city government we do,” reads the website page to raise money for the event.

In July, the mayor of London allowed the protesters to run over the Parliament building a small airship, depicting US President Donald trump in the form of a crying baby in diapers. Then the administration said that Khan supported the right to peaceful protest and understands that he can take many forms.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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