China is against video games


Photo: Sean Yong / Reuters

In China decided to take measures to protect children from the overuse of video games. The official reason is the fight against vision impairment from a minor, writes The Telegraph.

Plan published by the Ministry of education of China, it was also signed by seven other agencies. It States that the authorities intend to introduce new means of control over the amount of games that can be played online, and restrict the release of a new. In addition, we plan to study the rating system and to take measures to reduce the playing time for children.

Other details not reported. Also, do not set the terms in which it is planned to adopt these measures.

According to The Telegraph, in the beginning of the week, Chinese President XI Jinping urged to pay more attention to eye health and vision. Official studies say about the constant increase in the number of short-sighted citizens, including children. At the same time blaming this on not only games, but also the school system.

But in fact, in the country almost openly conducted a campaign against video games, the newspaper said. So, a leading Chinese developer Tencent games has forced almost immediately after its release to remove from the sales of Monster Hunter: World. In addition, in may updated official list of approved publications. According to some, it is connected with the desire XI Jinping “clean” media and entertainment from content, which is considered doubtful.

Earlier in August, it was reported that Chinese authorities were working towards the complete abolition of birth control.

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