In DND confirmed the involvement of Ukraine to the murder Zakharchenko


Alexander Zaharchenko: Sergei Pyatakov / RIA Novosti

Detained on suspicion in murder of the head of DND Alexander Zakharchenko admitted that the crime involved Ukraine. On Friday, August 31, told reporters temporarily his successor Dmitry Trapeznikov, reports “Donetsk news Agency”.

“As a result of questioning, they [the detainees] have confirmed the involvement of the Ukrainian side to the crime,” — said the acting head of the DNI.

He added that in the Republic are expecting provocations from the Ukrainian security forces, reports RIA Novosti. “There is a movement of military equipment recorded a number of violations, we have our finger on the pulse, aware of the situation,” — said Trapeznikov.

Earlier Friday it was reported that throughout the DND declared a state of emergency. Travel outside of the Republic is closed, the strengthened security measures.

Alexander Zakharchenko was fatally wounded in the explosion, which occurred on 31 August in Donetsk cafe “Separable”, which is located near his residence. In Kiev, the incident was considered a result of civil wars. The security service of Ukraine has rejected allegations of involvement in the explosion. The Russian foreign Ministry called the killing a terrorist act, Zakharchenko and said that the incident cost the Ukrainian government.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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