Lithuania began to publish documents on the crimes of the red army


Photo: Zaur Of Farniev / “Kommersant”

The research center of genocide and resistance of residents of Lithuania (CYRIL) has announced the early publication of documents on crimes of the red army on the territory of Lithuania. This was announced by the publication Delfi.

The documents are published on the website August 30, the portal appeared heading called “Repressive actions of the authorities of the occupation regime”.

In the category of published documents from various departments and organizations of the Communist party, red army, interior Ministry and other “about their repressive and coercive action.” Published the documents on the activities of the red army in Lithuania in the 1944-1949 years, in the future it is planned to expand the chronological limits.

Delfi points out that the documents contained information about how “after the arrival of Soviet soldiers in Klaipeda and Seletskoe areas was widespread rape of women regardless of their nationality or age.” “Raped and a 70 year old women and 14-year-old girls — even in the presence of parents”, — quotes the edition an excerpt from the release CYRIL.

“The documents also described the shooting of drunken Soviet soldier, killing people, burning houses, looting residents and other crimes,” adds Delfi.

Beginning of publication of documents dedicated to the anniversary of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Lithuania. Part of the red North-Western group of forces left the country on 31 August 1993.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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