Russia refused the memorial to victims of repression for the sake of prestige of the police



The authorities of Chelyabinsk refused to help the local community to install a memorial plaque to the victims of political repression 1930-1940-ies at the place of execution, writes “Kommersant”.

The building of the NKVD, which executed the sentence of capital punishment, was destroyed. In its place was built which currently houses the regional Directorate of the interior Ministry. The reason for the failure on the part of officials was proposed by the activists of the form in which the emphasis is on the fact that this building was used for repression.

“The content of the text of the memorial plaque can cause unfounded associations of citizens of activity of bodies of internal Affairs, while the Russian government applied considerable efforts to strengthen the authority of the police,” — said in the administration.

On the facade of the former NKVD building since 1995, hung a plaque with this text: “in this building In the period of mass repression 1930-1940-ies cited sentences about the shooting of citizens, the innocent victims of political repression”. However, in the 2000s the plate for unknown reasons was removed. It was then dismantled and the building itself.

The new building, built on the same plot, set plate: “in memory of victims of political repression of 30-40 years. The memory of them will remain, are still people.” Community members are not satisfied with it. According to the coordinator of the local history group “ArchestrA” Yuri Latyshev, part of the old building have been preserved after the restructuring, therefore missing the plaque was more “fair”, and install it in the external facade.

The region authorities do not pay attention to other places where before they were immortalized in the memory of victims of repression, says the coordinator of the project “the Last address” in the Chelyabinsk region Ivan Slobodenyuk. “Memorial to a Golden mountain, virtually abandoned part of the territory of mass graves is already built, the other is preparing for construction”, — he said.

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