The young American turned to the Internet for half an hour and owes thousands of dollars



Family of US complained about the huge bill from the operator that has been issued for the Internet in roaming. Reported by ABC 7.

The inhabitant of the Californian city of San Jose Vivian Chang (Chung Vivian) said he went with his family to Vietnam. She said that was aware of the fee for use of the Internet abroad and prefer not to use communication.

Back in San Jose after a rest, she discovered that the family owe 13 thousand dollars (about 885 thousand). According to the T-Mobile operator, Internet access was made from the phone of the son of Chang. Total time was about half an hour.

“How your phone bill may be 13 thousand dollars? For half an hour! God, we almost fainted. This amount is more than the cost of the whole trip,” complained Chang. The son claims that turned on airplane mode for the trip to avoid spending.

After discussion, the representatives of T-Mobile agreed to reduce the deficit to three thousand dollars. The family believes that the bill as a whole is not justified and should be withdrawn.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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