Transgender placed in chamber-chamber “sailor’s silence” with pink walls


Nazar Gulevichi: page nazara Gulevich in “Vkontakte”

Arrested on suspicion of fraud, woman, transgender, passport Nazar Gulevich, refused to accept in the male and female insulators because of the change of sex, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

After August 25, Khoroshevsky court of the capital took the decision to arrest, Gulevich brought in the women’s jail No. 6. However, doctors examined him and came to the conclusion that in this prison he has no place.

The guards took the prisoner back and drove to the men’s jail No. 3 (“Presnya”), but there after bodily examination (a mandatory procedure to record the bruises, abrasions, injury) also refused to accept.

“What are we gonna do with you? — sighed the guards. — Myself, who are you think?”, the newspaper quoted. Enclosed is the answer categorical — a man who simply did not have time to perform all necessary operations.

“It eventually was taken to the hospital “sailor’s silence”. There are both women and men. So his rights “by gender” definitely not broken,” — says the representative of UFSIN of Moscow Anna Karetnikova.

Now Gulevich sits in the bright chamber-chamber “sailor’s silence” with pink walls. The camera was recently repaired, it is one of the best in the hospital. Nazar contains here all alone. But since he is healthy, it can’t be kept in the hospital indefinitely, so the question of his stay in the men’s or women’s detention center remains open.

Gulevich had to change the documents on the freedom, but the process of transformation from woman to man was delayed and was not completed by the time of the arrest.

Transgender was taken into custody on suspicion of fraud in the field of entrepreneurship. The Supreme court has repeatedly pointed out to the judges not to detain the accused in this category of cases.

27 Aug lawyer Gulevich Eugene Gaulin said “the Tape.”ru against the decision of the court about the arrest, expressing concern for the safety of his client in the case that it was placed in a men’s prison.

Nazar Gulevich participated in the fifth edition of the 16th season of “the Battle of psychics.” The TV show airs on channel TNT since 2007.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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