Young American turned to the boy and knocked his stepmother to become a father


Photo: Spencer Hanson

American decided to become a man after her stepdaughter wanted to become a boy. Their story, told the publication the Daily Mail.

Spencer Henson (Spencer Hanson) was born in Kansas and grew up in a Christian conservative family. She admits that she knew from childhood that was a girl by mistake. At the age of 19 she realized her homosexuality, and in 2008 got married. The couple already had two children from his first marriage, and Senser had two more, using the sperm donation.

During the first pregnancy Spencer suffered from gender disforia, but was afraid to tell relatives that would like to be a man. She has the courage only after her nine-year-old stepdaughter Bab declared that he wanted to become a boy and started hormone therapy.

Since then, Spencer started taking testosterone, remove the breast and uterus. He maintains a blog, “Becoming a father” and not cease to thank the Women: “If not for her decision, I would have killed myself, I hated my body and was depressed.” The same he changed his mind and began to reverse the transformation in the girl. Spencer says that they raised children “without gender bias”, so they easily started to call him dad.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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