The England international told about a happy gift from a St. Petersburg cab driver


The Case Of Allevato: Lee Smith / Reuters

England midfielder, alli said that during the world Cup taxi driver from St. Petersburg gave him a lucky bracelet. The word athlete leads standard.

After the first match in the group stage the player received damage. He went to see a doctor in a hospital in the city by taxi. Getting out of the car, Allie received from driver gift. “He said that the bracelet brings good luck,” — said the player.

In the end, the survey did not reveal a serious injury, and the midfielder managed to get on the field in the playoffs of the tournament. “I kept the bracelet. I don’t wear it on my arm, but it is in my bag,” said Allie.

The England team took fourth place at the world Cup. In the semifinals, the team lost to Croatia, and in the match for third place lost to the Belgians. Allie, missing two matches in the group stage, a total of played four matches and scored one goal.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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