Ukraine has gathered a striking force for the attack on the Donbass


Photo: Oleksandr Klymenko / Reuters

The Ukrainian military has prepared the assault force for an offensive in the Donbass. This was stated by Deputy commander of the operational command DND Eduard Bacurin, reports Donetsk news Agency (DAN).

“Based on intelligence reports received from sources from the General staff of the AFU [Armed forces of Ukraine], headquarters joint force headquarters of the compounds in the zone of conflict, it becomes clear that on the Mariupol direction formed an offensive strike force of the enemy. The total number of these formations and military units of more than 12 thousand people”, — he said.

Basurin also revealed the plans of the Ukrainian security forces in the event of occurrence. After an artillery preparation 36 brigade will attack on Novoazovsk, 79 brigade will attack to the North, the village of Rosa Luxemburg. On the left flank will operate 128th mountain assault brigade, which is charged with the assault of Telmanovo and cover military actions in the territories South of this point.

If successful offensive operations by the Ukrainian military over the five days will go to the border of Russia and cut off the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic (DND) from the outlet to the sea. Stripping the occupied territory assigned to the neo-Nazi Azov regiment and 79th air assault brigade, believe in the Donbass.

Two days earlier, on 2 September, the DNI announced the arrival of a large number of foreign mercenaries and soldiers in the division 56th mechanized infantry and 406 th artillery brigades, located in the seaside village of Urzuf.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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