Detected moving with superluminal speed of mysterious object


Image: AAS Nova

Astronomers have discovered a jet of particles which were emitted during the event GW170817 — collision and merger of two neutron stars, which was registered in August of 2017. Although her own speed only slightly less than the speed of light for observers on Earth, the illusion that jet is moving four times faster than light. About it reported in a press release, EurekAlert!.

The observations were carried out using the radio interferometer Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) antenna grid with superlong bases, consisting of 10 radio telescopes. After 75 days after the merger of neutron stars, scientists have discovered the region emitting the radiation, and she moved so quickly that it can be explained by the jet — superfast plasma jets.

According to scientists, the jet is very narrow, it deviates only 20 ° from the line connecting the neutron star and the Earth. A small angle is the reason for the illusion of superluminal motion, but the present speed of the jet is very high at over 97% the speed of light.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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