Calculated Egor Creed, threatened with rape Dagestanis


Egor Crepato: Alexander Polehenko/ RIA “Novosti”

The interior Ministry of Dagestan reacted to the appeared in social networks threats against musician Yegor creed, which is going to give a concert in Makhachkala. The address a press-service of the Ministry published in Instagram.

The police pointed out the existence of a group of extremist parties who are trying to obstruct the holding of entertainment events on the territory of the Republic. “They make a reference to the religious dimension, explaining that visiting such events is contrary to the canons of Islam, promotes the abuse of young people and distances them from the religion and Sharia,” the statement reads.

“Allow yourself to be in social networks information resources from threats against the organizers of mass events of spectacular nature and their participants, in particular the Russian singer Yegor creed”, added the police.

The interior Ministry said that those calling to cancel already installed. In their attitude the police are checking. “Please be prudent and not to go on about people calling for illegal activity, who want to foment ethnic strife, and using the religious component,” he urged in a press-service.

The creed concert in Makhachkala is scheduled for September 9. A few days before the show in the comments under the entries of the singer in social networks there were threats. In particular, some users threatened by murder and rape, if he does not cancel the concert.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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