Uncover the secret hotel mini-bars


Photo: Shutterstock

Spanish hotel Association Hosbec has conducted a study and found that about a third of the tourists drink the contents of bottles from the Minibar, and then fill them up with anything, but would not pay. Reported by the News.com.au.

“I am ready to swear that it’s true. Some people even admitted that he filled the bottles from the Minibar, your own urine”, — said the representative of Hosbec.

Also the staff of the Association reported that mini-bars are not a very efficient source of income and, in their opinion, hotels could refuse this service without financial loss.

In may, the doctors and biologists have compiled a list of the dirtiest places in hotel rooms and advised how to protect themselves from germs. The most dangerous from the point of view of the spread of infections tub, shower head, remote control, toilet, bedding and upholstered furniture.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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