Disclosed malicious daily habit women


Photo: Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters

Celebrity stylist Luke Hersheson (Luke Hersheson) advised the women to refuse a comb while drying hair. Reported by the Mirror.

According to Hersheson, flat massage comb causes severe damage to wet hair. Therefore, before to do the packing, you must completely dry the hair with your hands and a Hairdryer. “After that you can add volume with a round brush. The flat brush I almost never use. First, it is best to dry hands and then straighten with a straightening iron”, — said the expert.

Hersheson also noticed that most women spend money on completely unnecessary hair products that do not bring any benefit. “Styling mousse with heat protection and hairspray is all you need”, he said and added that the best beauty products need not be branded and expensive.

In August five-year-old resident of tel Aviv MIA Aflalo became famous in social networks due to abnormally thick for her age hair. Aflalo already posed for British fashion publication Vogue, and then became especially popular in Instagram. At the moment, the girl has about 50 thousand subscribers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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