Reporter interrupted live for the sake of a wounded dog


Frame: page Julie Wilson Facebook

Television reporter for the ABC division in North Carolina Julie Wilson led the live broadcast from the streets of the city of new Bern, flooded by hurricane “Florence”. At some point she stopped to help get to a safe place wounded dog. The recording, which was broadcast on Facebook, received over 100 thousand views.

Girl filmed the aftermath of a hurricane. At some point in the fully-flooded street, she met a woman named Tasha, who was going to save the dog her daughter. The Rottweiler was injured, could not sail and remained on the porch. Wilson escorted the woman home, but, seeing that she is unable to cope with a difficult dog, gave her the camera caught the pet and pulled him to the boat. Tasha thanked the reporter and went to save his son, trapped inside a flooded house.

Tropical storm raging on the East coast of the US, claimed the lives of at least 17 people, reports CNBC.

Earlier meteorologists from North Carolina live during the weather forecast said that the building, from which they are broadcast, flooded. All the staff were evacuated, but the leading has decided to bring the weather to the end.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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