Became known the most harmful posture for sleeping


Photo: West Coast Surfer / Global look

Sleeping on the stomach can lead to a number of health problems. It found the expert American sleep from the Mayo clinic, the newspaper reports Bustle.

According to the study, sleeping in this position can lead to back pain, tension in neck, joints and tingling in the extremities. In addition, lying on his stomach, harder to breathe. Especially not recommended to sleep on stomach pregnant women, since this position worsens the blood flow.

To reduce the load on the spine, you should place an extra pillow under your pelvis and lower abdomen and to change the mattress more hard. In addition, the researchers suggest sleeping in a comfortable position when the head and neck can be rotated freely.

In September, American scientists found a link between insufficient amounts of nighttime sleep and higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Those who complained of daytime drowsiness, the risk of accumulation of amyloid plaques was almost three times higher than the rest.

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