The daughter of a millionaire ate a sandwich and died in the plane


Photo: Lucas Jackson / Reuters

The daughter of a British millionaire Nadim Adnan-La Perouse Natasha died on Board the flight London — nice after an attack of Allergy caused by eating an airport sandwich. On Sunday, September 23, reports The Daily Mail.

Before you Board a flight, British Airways, the girl bought a sandwich with olives, artichokes and tapenade in cafe chain Pret a Manger. Already on Board the plane she had a severe allergic reaction. Despite three doses of the medicine EpiPen, which imposed a 15-year-old Natasha, her father, the girl’s heart stopped.

According to doctors, the reaction could cause the sesame seeds that were added to the bread when it is baking. Sesame is among the 14 allergens present in food, according to British law, the manufacturer must specify on the package. However, this requirement does not apply to food service establishments where food is prepared on site and sold on the same day.

Nadim Adnan-La Perouse is the founder of the toy manufacturer Wow Toys. He announced his intention to go to court demanding tougher rules for the labeling of products containing allergens.

10 September on Board the flight, EN route from Manchester to Ibiza, the other died a resident of the UK. He suffered an overdose of cocaine.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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