The Russian fighter of MMA he confessed his love for animals and brought meat eaters attacks


Anastasia Anchovetta: Instagram account of Anastasia Yankova

The Russian fighter of the mixed style (MMA) Anastasia Yankova told about his refusal to eat red meat, for which he was criticized. Entry is available in the profile of the athletes in Instagram.

Yankova has published a photo with the cow and noted that eight years do not consume red meat. Some users reacted strongly to the recognition of athletes.

“Cosmetics, tests on animals, clothing and accessories made from animals. Everything that we consume, often detrimental to animal. So it’s pure hypocrisy to say that you don’t eat meat because I love animals,” wrote MMA Lina.

“You evil dog! So you fight all the time, because hungry, do you want the meat” — sure Said7777777msm.

“Anastasia, you’re going to die sooner,” wrote samur.murtuzaliev.

Yankova stands in MMA in 2013. On account of its five victories and one defeat. Currently, the 27-year-old Russian is Bellator promotion.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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