In Transbaikalia the cleaning lady treated patients due to the shortage of doctors


Photo: Nicholas Khizhnyak / RIA Novosti

Cleaner obstetric points (FAP) in one of the villages in Zabaykalsky Krai treated patients while the paramedic was absent. About it reports the edition “Chita.Ru”.

By order of the Deputy chief doctor cleaner did the patients dressings and injections. The only nurse of the village at this time was in holiday. Learning of this, local residents appealed to the Prosecutor.

In the leadership of the hospital made up a schedule by which doctors will be sent to work in the village, while the physician’s assistant comes back from the holidays. In addition, the Deputy the head physician, who gave the order to the cleaning lady, will attract disciplinary action. The prosecutors said they would seek a physician for more serious punishment.

FAP are designed to ensure through settlements located far away from district hospitals. According to the norms of the Ministry of health, the state of the paragraph should be a few employees capable of conducting medical procedures: a paramedic, a nurse and an orderly. However, in the Russian press regularly reports about the shortage of medical personnel in villages.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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