Ukrainian neo-Nazis commemorated fallen comrades pagan ritual



Fighters neo-Nazi Ukrainian regiment “Azov” under Mariupol pagan ritual of remembrance of fallen comrades. About it reports a local portal “0629”.

The ceremony was held in the village Urzuf near the main base of the “Azov”. The soldiers of the regiment raised according to Scandinavian tradition, the memorial mound are installed on the three swords. At the event, in addition to themselves Azovtsev, was attended by close relatives of the victims.

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“It was played without a real mystery. All units of the regiment lined up on the field under their own banners. The event started with a prayer by a Ukrainian nationalist. Soldiers face was illuminated with lights and torches. Under the epic music came sitonomy group. On each shield was the Callsign of the deceased volunteer. Only 35 shields”, — is spoken in the edition message.

It is noted that the ceremony not only commemorated those killed in battle Azovtsev, but those who previously served in the unit, moved to another part and was killed in the Donbass, as well as victims of accidents. On the screen showed pictures of the victims, their call sign and told the circumstances of the death. After mentioning the name of each dead soldier, raised the shield with his call sign. “Remember!” — shouted the shield-Thane. “Revenge!” — spoke to the whole band. Then there was the funeral volley from rifles.

The regiment “Azov” is a volunteer unit of the National guard of Ukraine. He is known for his neo-pagan ideology. In July 2017, it became known that on the basis of near Urzuf in the Donbass soldiers of the regiment have built the sanctuary of the Slavic pagan God Perun. At this point the Azov sanctify weapon before fighting. Earlier, in may 2017, the creators of “Azov”, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Biletsky and Oleg Petrenko demanded to register in Kiev congregation of the Gentiles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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