The last published work of Hawking


Stephen Haringhata: Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Scientists from Cambridge and Harvard universities published a recent scientific article written jointly with Stephen Hawking. Work available in the library electronic preprints

The article “the Black Hole Entropy and Soft Hair” on the theme of entropy of black holes, which Hawking worked on throughout his scientific career. In the latest study, the scientist is trying to prove that information about the object, placed in a black hole, it is possible to save and restore.

In his opinion, a black hole in addition to the mass and the charge has a temperature. Given the fact that all objects in space are cool, then the black hole must at some point cease to exist. However, this would violate the laws of the quantum world, which state that objects cannot disappear completely. Exactly what happens with particles inside the black hole after her disappearance, and was interested in theoretical physicist.

Hawking died 14 March this year at the age of 76 years. A scientist most of my life spent in a wheelchair, is widely known as a popularizer of science, in recent years, great attention was paid to such problems as global warming, the environment and social inequality.

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