Prostitutes of Amsterdam wanted to move


Photo: Paul Vreeker / Reuters

Amsterdam authorities proposed to move the prostitutes from the “red light district” in other areas, so that tourists do not interfere with their work. It is reported by the Dutch edition of the Dutch News.

“As an alternative to the “red light district”, you can open a brothel in a hotel with rooms equipped with a safe for money and security cameras,” said Council member political party of the Netherlands Rosma GroenLinks Femke (Femke Roosma).

“It will allow prostitutes to work away from scurrying under the Windows of tourists with cameras. “Red light district” has ceased to be an ideal place for the sex industry” — supported the idea of a counselor left-liberal political party D66 Alexander Hammelburg (Alexander Hammelburg).

The experts also noted that prostitutes need to move to a new territory, as many customers prefer to order prostitutes over the Internet or at the hotel instead of visiting the “red light district” De Wallen. Consequently, many of the window brothels are empty during the day.

In February, the municipality of Amsterdam issued a decree toughening the conditions of visiting the “red light district” for tour groups. From April 2018, for groups of more than five people will have to get at city hall for special permission to visit the workers in the sex industry.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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