Russia explained the interception of reconnaissance aircraft USA


In the Russian defense Ministry said the su-27 was scrambled to intercept the approach of American aircraft to the border of Russian airspace. About it reports “Interfax”.

The Agency denied information that the Russian aircraft was performing dangerous maneuvers. The report said that the fighter approached the American aircraft at a safe distance.

“The crew of the fighter reported about the identification of American aircraft ESM and accompanied him, preventing violations of the airspace of the Russian Federation with observance of all necessary security measures”, — stated in the defense Ministry.

According to authorities, the plane-US spy was discovered on 5 November at about 10:00 over neutral waters of the Black sea near the border of Russian airspace. The su-27 was scrambled to intercept the target with the nearest airport, approached the aircraft at a safe distance and identify it as an electronic intelligence aircraft EP-3E Aries US Navy. “After the spy plane, the US Navy changed the course of the flight, the distance from the boundaries of the airspace of the Russian Federation, the Russian su-27 fighter jet returned to the airfield”, — concluded the Ministry of defence.

Earlier on 5 November, the US Navy said a Russian fighter jet intercepted an American reconnaissance plane “unsafe and unprofessional”. Su-27 twice in 25 minutes and flew at high speed in the vicinity of the turboprop EP-3. The Department believes that the actions of the Russian pilots put the lives of the crew.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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