Channel journalist Poroshenko turned neonazistas


Natalia Cockbiter: Anatoly Shary / YouTube

The journalist of the Ukrainian “channel 5” (belongs to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko) Natalia, Koskovich was a supporter of Nazi ideas. This drew the attention of the blogger Anatoly Shary, the video is available on YouTube.

On the page in Facebook, Kockovic uploaded their photos with a raised in a Nazi salute hand. Images, in particular, was made in Vienna and during the event, neo-Nazi regiment “Azov”. At the moment the image of social networking is removed.

As follows from available on the page in Facebook the journalist of the materials previously she served in “Azov” and had the rank of senior soldier (before that the rank was called “corporal” — approx. “Of the”). Kockovic also has the award for “Defender of Mariupol” and a commendation from the commander of the National guard “For effort and initiative.”

On his page in “Vkontakte”, Kockovic issued a congratulatory message on the occasion of the anniversary of the SS division “Galichina”, formed by the German command of the Ukrainians during the great Patriotic war. “I am proud that I am from the land of the brave. The fact that Western Ukraine creates and fosters these loyal Heroes! Golden lion on the sleeve,” wrote the journalist. The Golden lion is the symbol of the SS division.

Kockovic are unable to explain the published Shariy photo and accused him of working for the Kremlin. “Ball is one that the Kremlin toady Anatoly Shary, in his latest video blog touched me. Showed my page in Facebook, well, I’m a fascist, a Nazi and at the same time working on the presidential channel. In the morning I get e-mails from leftists and wool with insults in my address. Also write my friends slandering me. Friends, if someone someone write something in the style of “Kockovic-fascist”, just send 3 letters” — wrote the journalist on his page on Facebook, but later deleted the account. Screenshot post publishes “Strenia”.

Video showing skidaway hand in a Nazi salute journalist, published November 4, however, at the time of the news, no reaction from the leadership of the channel belonging to the Ukrainian President, was not followed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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