Realistic cake depicting the birth has caused disgust among users of the network


Photo: Cake O Rama

British confectioner named Rebecca received a strange order to the baking a cake for a child. She asked the woman who was asked to make dessert, realistic showing the birth of a child, not yet washed from the blood, writes The Mirror.

The pastry was also asked to draw on the cake, the process of bowel movements, which can accompany childbirth. The main demand of the clientele were realistic. She planned to give the cake of your sister giving birth.

Rebecca was puzzled by the request, but she still took the order. The woman made the cake, and for decoration used plastic toy head. To finish she also used the chocolate, jam and topping. In her confession, the process took her a lot of time.

“This will not suit everyone’s taste.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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