18-year-old girl decided to lose their virginity for the sake of a mortgage


Segnaposto: Alexander Yuriev/ RIA Novosti

18-year-old resident of Sydney put on the Internet auction their virginity in the hope to obtain the amount to help her with repayment of the parent of the mortgage and the tuition at the University. It is reported by The Sun.

The Australian came to such thoughts, after reading in the news about girls previously successfully sold her virginity on the Internet. “I just need quick financial help,” she commented its decision, adding that the money it plans to spend to help parents with housing loan, payment of his studies at the University of Technology Sydney, as well as the purchase of a car and textbooks.

The girl added that he plans to tell a parent where they got the money. “I will say that I found a job,” she said.

As writes the edition, the first autstralia tried to register on the website Cinderella Escorts limited, known for similar transactions. Then she changed her mind and wrote an email with the 22-year-old student from Brazil, earlier told the media about the sale of her virginity for the sum of 740 thousand pounds sterling (more than 60 million rubles — approx. “Of the tape.ru”).

The girl got in the Brazilian advice and copied the layout and some of the text from her website, choosing for himself the nickname Siena Peyton. In one of the sections of the website Siena notes that she doesn’t care about age and appearance of the candidate. “I admire the respectful and intelligent men. Men who care about women, make them compliments and know what they want,” wrote Peyton.

The Australian noted that are ready to provide to the applicant a certificate of their virginity, and, if necessary, to Express it in the presence of the selected a male doctor. The auction winner will have the right to spend time with her at the hotel 12 hours.

According to The Sun, Sienna Peyton expects to receive for his innocence 100 thousand Australian dollars (about 4.8 million rubles — approx. “Of the tape.ru”). At the time of publication, the publication, she received two offers — the applicants were willing to pay a hundred and ten times less interested in the girl amount.

Earlier announcement about their willingness to lose their virginity on the website Cinderella Escorts posted one of the most successful Azerbaijani models Mahbub Mammadzadeh. In their personal data 23-year-old girl says that plans to spend the proceeds to buy a house, study abroad and travel around the world with her mother, as well as the opening of a shelter for dogs in Azerbaijan. “My mother did for me, now it was my turn. I want her to be proud,” said the girl.

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