Cords compared the tax for the unemployed Russians in an attempt to milk the goat


Photo: Anton Denisov / RIA Novosti

The leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov has written a poem dedicated to the parliamentary initiative to penalize unemployed Russians for nonpayment of dues. His work, the musician has published in Instagram.

Vova know, knows Dima,
God the Father and God the Son.
All laws are carried out,
Through demidovy scales.
I doubt you al,
Skepticism is like manner?
There is a Holy hierarchy,
Miracles still have faith!
Here is the testimony of a miracle!
We like the goat and the bull,
The law will force at once,
To give a little milk!

On 20 November, the member of the Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans Affairs Sergei Vostretsov has proposed fining of unemployed Russians of working age because they do not pay contributions to social funds. In his opinion, citizens should be required to pay contributions to the Pension Fund, mandatory medical insurance Fund and social insurance Fund.

Cords repeatedly published in social networks poems on topical themes. In particular, he dedicated the works of the COP-rapists from Ufa, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said about the consequences of nuclear war for the aggressors and head of the Department of youth policy of the Sverdlovsk region, said that the state of the youth should not do.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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