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Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

The Deputy head of the State Duma Committee for education and science Boris Chernyshov proposed to replace the exam on blockchain technology, which will be to identify in advance the talents of students. The statement he sent to the Minister of education of Russia Olga Vasilyeva, RIA Novosti reported.

The Deputy noted that the exam — written test, invented in the United States to check the level of education of children with disabilities, and take it like it is not all Russian students. He stressed that to check the real knowledge of the child with the help of the exam is almost impossible, because the exam is more focused on theory rather than practice.

“More than optimal, in my opinion, will be the option of replacing the exam system for early detection of talented pupils. To assess the child’s ability by using three components: data obtained as a result of career counseling, assessments and social activity associated with social activities,” wrote the official.

Chernyshev proposed to apply blockchain technology to analyze information, which will decide on admission to the University. In his opinion, such a development will help “with mathematical precision to assess the personality of each child whose data has been entered in the program of electronic school”.

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