The neighbors took a noisy game console for domestic violence and called the police


Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images

In the United States in the house of a young couple playing on the console shooter Call of Duty Black Ops 4 raided by the police. According to the news portal Times Now, a neighbor complained that their houses were heard the cries.

The incident occurred in the city of Dilend, Florida, 16 Nov. Living in next house from a couple, the woman dialed 911 and told the dispatcher that he heard “the sound of fighting and shouting”. “My sister went out to smoke and heard a woman screaming: “Please don’t kill me”, and remark: “This is my gun, give it to me”” she said.

Police arrived on the scene surrounded the house and knocked on the door. It went to a very surprised woman. She explained that together with a guy was playing the shooter, and the arrival of the police they had gone to bed. During a search of the house the weapons were not discovered.

One of the pair of neighbors admitted to police that he heard screams, but did not think that someone is in danger.

A similar case occurred in may. Then alert the neighbors in the German city of Lörrach took an emotional dispute of a man with a parrot for domestic violence and called the police. The resident of the house admitted that he was very annoyed by the behavior of birds, his girlfriend, and therefore started the quarrel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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