Copied another girl’s life student went unpunished



The police refused to consider the illegal behavior of students from Scotland Hani Basrah (Basra Honey), which completely copied the style of life of a classmate Chloe Cowan (Cowan Chloe) in the last two years. About it reports The Daily Record.

The Cowan family was hoping that the guards will intervene in the situation, but they refused to deal with the problem. Local police said the situation is terrible, but did not see in it anything criminal. They did not want to come even after Cohen told them that the incident frightened. Then the girl stood up relatives.

“My sister doesn’t have to hide, fearing that her every move will copy the other girl,” — wrote on his page on Facebook Lindsay, the older sister of Chloe.

Earlier, Lindsay said that her cousin within a few years pursuing the girl-classmate. It copies all the photos of Cohen in social networks, uses the same captions to pictures, and even looking for similar clothes and locations, with students unfamiliar with each other. Basra managed to copy several hundred images.

Representatives of the Scottish Dundee University, in which students learn both students, promised to investigate the situation and take action. Soon after Basra has deleted his account in Instagram.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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