Found a way to keep the hair in winter


Photo: SLIP

Stylist and beauty editor Erica Smith, with strong curly hair, told how to keep the hair and allow the hair in order to the cold season. Her advice has published The Cut.

First, the girl was recommended to change the usual pillow case to silk. According to her, in the winter the tips of the hair susceptible to breakage due to dry cold air, but the silk surface minimizes caused them harm.

In addition, Smith advised a three-step care, maximally moisturizing the hair. For example, it may consist of shampoo, conditioner and oil.

The expert also suggested girls wearing the beanie (plain knitted hat without ties, which is held on the head without any additional elements — approx. “Of the”) with satin lining, which cause the hair less damage than other caps.

In addition, Smith was recommended to get a good moisturizing mask and a home humidifier.

In October the founder of the London salon, Hare & Bone stylist Sam Burnett opened the way to create perfect hair styles without stacking, and explained why you should stop using the comb. Instead of drying your hair before going to sleep, Burnett offered to allow them to dry naturally overnight.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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