In the brain of people found a mysterious structure


Image: NeuRa

Scientists of scientific research Institute of neurology of Australia (Neuroscience Research Australia) discovered a new structure in the human brain called the nucleus vereschaga body (endorestiform nucleus). The function of this part is still unknown, although it has not been found in other primates. This publication reports Science Alert.

Interestfree the core is located inside the bottom legs of the brain (vereschaga body) — the bundle of nerve fibers along which impulses pass from the spinal cord to the cerebellum. Vericate body is involved in processing sensory information and information about physical activity, adjusting posture, balance and body movement.

Endorestiform nucleus is a group of separate neurons, which may play a key role in cerebellar functions.

Anatomical structure found when using a new method of staining of certain tissues of the brain. Dyes are associated with specific neurotransmitters and enzymes, in this case acetylcholinesterases.

Its possible absence in monkeys may indicate that the nucleus vereschaga body involved in providing fine regulation of the movement of the human body, for example when playing musical instruments.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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