Named airline with the best and worst food on Board


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The nutritionist called the airline offering the best food during flight. A study he published on his website, Diet Detective.

Dr. Charles Platkin of new York’s High school of public health annually evaluates on a scale the nutrition and caloric content of food 11 U.S. and canadian airlines.

In 2018 the best recognized American company of Alaska Airlines, which scored 4.25 points. Their Lunches were the “light, high-quality and useful” and contain an average of 404 calories.

In second place came Delta — 3.75 GPA and 500 calories per serving.

Third in the ranking was Jet Blue (3,55), fourth — Air Canada (3,45), and fifth — American Airlines (3).

The worst food offered on Board Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines and Frontier Air: their dishes Platkin estimated at 1.6 points, 1.1 points and 0.85 points, respectively.

In July, the airline of Hong Kong shared little-known facts about served on Board food. It turned out that the food in the planes is much more fresh than I think many of the passengers, and their caloric value is increased.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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