Reveals the advantage of the F-35 before the Chinese J-20


Photo: U. S. Navy /

Compare American (F-35 Lightning II) and Chinese (J-20) fighters of the fifth generation incorrect because the first involves the use of a systematic approach, including the interaction and data exchange between different platforms, and not focus on the performance of each of them separately, as in the second case, believes The National Interest.

The journal recognizes that some components and weapons of the J-20 on a number of parameters comparable to the performance of the F-35 Lightning II. It is, in particular, about the missiles, phased array, infrared and electro-optical sensors, which, according to the publication, are not sufficiently integrated into a single system.

In November, four J-20 during demonstration flights at the AirShow China in 2018 completed the aerobatics, in particular, the “loop the loop” and “barrel”.

In October, the fighter short takeoff and vertical landing USMC F-35B Lightning II for the first time used for aiming mobile missiles reactive systems of volley fire HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System).

In the same month the Armed forces of the United States first tested the function of Link 16 DAC (Digital Air Control) system SSDS (Ship Self Defense System), which provides data transmission with the F-35B Lightning II on amphibious assault Navy ship Wasp.

In may in The National Interest said that the prospective Russian fifth generation fighter, the su-57 is distinguished by flexibility, while the advantages of the J-20 should include stealth.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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