Russian army pointed out the place


Photo: Sergei Pivovarov / RIA Novosti

The Russian army took the second place in the ranking of the strongest countries in the world according to the portal Business Insider. The rankings took into account such indicators as the variety of weapons, the mobilization potential and the level of development of the industry. NATO countries have got the advantage. About it is reported on the website edition.

The budget of the Russian army are estimated at 47 billion dollars. The number of the army of Russia is 3.5 million people with a population of 142 million people. It is noted that the arms consist of four thousand aircraft, more than 20 thousand tanks and 352 of the ship.

Strongest army named the army of the United States. According to the newspaper, the defense budget — 647 billion, and the number of military reaches two million out of a population of 326 million people.

Closes the three leaders of the Chinese army. Also in the top ten countries with the strongest army was India, France, UK, South Korea, Japan, Turkey and Germany.

In November, Russia topped the ranking of European countries with the strongest army, according to Business Insider.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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