The nurse-the murderer apologized for the hundreds of murders


Photo: Mohssen Assanimoghaddam / Getty Images

A former nurse from Germany Niels Hegel means apologized to the relatives of the 100 people he murdered. This writes the Berliner Morgenpost.

Reportedly, to do this he decided in the beginning of the third day of the hearing. “If there was any way to help, I would have used it, believe me. (…) In the meantime, I intend to give an answer to all family members. I’m sorry,” said the man.

41-year-old Hegel means at the hearings talked about their manipulation with drugs. According to him, the faces of those whom he killed, he almost did not remember, because it is more important for him to look at the monitors and medical equipment. However, he said that even though he can’t remember all patients, but did not rule out that could really take their relationship any actions.

At the end of October Hegel means confessed to killing a hundred patients.

The prosecution alleges that from 2000 to 2005, the male killed 36 patients in the hospital of Oldenburg, with 64 — in nearby Delmenhorst. According to the investigation, was he doing lying in intensive care patients injection with lethal doses of drugs to “show colleagues and superiors your skills bring people back to life and fight boredom”.

For the first time the nurse was condemned in 2008 for attempted murder. Then he got seven years in prison. The second time he was sentenced to 15 years in 2015 for the attempted murder of five or more persons. Hegel means the psychiatrist confessed 30 murders, it gave the authorities a reason to continue the investigation.

According to investigators, the number of victims could amount to two hundred, however it is impossible to establish, as many bodies were cremated. Investigators called the crime of the largest in the postwar history of the country serial murder.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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