The pension Fund responded to the freezing of pension savings


Anton Drozdosvet: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

The law on individual pension capital (COE) should finally clarify the question of the funded part of pensions, reports TASS words of the head of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) Anton Drozdov.

Drozdov said that now the rate of insurance contributions — 22 percent, and 10 percent in excess of the limit fixed on a permanent basis.

“Contributions to the funded part is still frozen, they are extended through 2021, keeping in mind that, probably, next year will be the law of the PKI, which in conjunction with the standard and will provide an opportunity to put an end to this issue,” — said Drozdov.

In November of this year the state Duma adopted the law on the freezing of the cumulative part of the pension Russians until 2021. According to him, means that citizens previously deducted to the funded part (6 per cent of wages), up to 2021 will go to current payments to pensioners.

Developed now the law of the IPK have to replace the cumulative part of state pensions. According to the new mechanism of accumulation shall be the property of the employee, not the state. By default, the deduction will amount to six per cent, but growth will be gradual from zero to six, by one percentage point per year. The employee will be able to determine the amount of deductions, including and leave them zero.

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