The scammer pretended to be dead years for multimillion-dollar insurance


Igor Vorotinets: Minneapolis Police Department

In the United States extradited the citizen of Moldova, who is suspected of staging his own death with the purpose of obtaining insurance. About it reported in a press release from the office of the U.S. attorney for the district of Minnesota.

According to court documents, in 2010, 51-year-old Igor Borodinov, then residing in the United States, insured his life for two million dollars (132 million). In the event of his death, the money would be received by his wife Irina.

In October of the following year in the Moldovan village Cojusna found the body of a man with a passport Vorotynov, his hotel cards and contact phone. Irina Borodinova identified the deceased of her husband. After receiving the death certificate, she was cremated and returned to the US with his ashes.

In 2012 the insurance company paid the woman two million dollars. Over the next three years a large part of this sum was transferred to Bank accounts in Moldova and Switzerland.

In November 2013 the son Vorotilova returned to the United States from a trip to Moldova. When customs searched his computer found fresh pictures of Igor Vorotynov taken two years after he was presumed dead.

In 2015 Vorotynov and his wife accused of fraud involving postal and telegraphic communication. Irina was also charged with money transactions with property derived by illegal means. The woman pleaded guilty and was sentenced to prison for 37 months. Her son received a suspended sentence for not informing about the crime. In addition, they have to return the two million dollars that they received.

14 Nov 2018 Vorotynov was arrested in Moldova and three days later was extradited to the United States. On 19 November he appeared in court in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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