Three thousand Russians chipped in a freezing apartment for grandmother


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In the Vologda region the pensioner, together with his grandson and daughter living in an unheated private house and given a new apartment. This writes the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

Money for the purchase of housing were gathered by the Russians who have seen the story about the difficult life of a woman on one of the TV channels and the Internet. Participants of the charitable action were nearly three thousand people.

The story about the pensioner who is forced to gather dead wood in the forest to heat the house, aired in late October this year. 72-year-old woman for financial reasons couldn’t buy firewood — it took about 30 thousand rubles, and her pension is eight thousand rubles a month. After the story the grandmother was filled up with firewood: first, they brought a local entrepreneur, and then another two cars arrived from an unknown inhabitant of Moscow. In addition, the pensioner was visited by the head of the Vologda area Sergey Zhestyannikov. He suggested the woman get in the queue for social housing, or rent it on commercial terms.

But in the end vologzhanka had no choice: the story of her duplicated on one of the video channels on the Internet. Then was initiated the collection of funds for the purchase of apartments in which it can move. Responded and gathered 470 thousand rubles — this amount was enough for “odnushku” in a modern house. Housing will renovate and furnish the to cover these expenses, there will be a fundraiser.

The pensioner has already visited the new apartment and thanked all those who were able to help her, says “Russian newspaper”.

In 2016 — 2017, a similar campaign was successfully held in Krasnodar — individuals raised funds to purchase housing for the homeless local resident Michael Gorena. It is known as an ardent fan, supporting the Kuban team for the games for almost all sports. In the end, it was accumulated about 1.8 million rubles, of which one million man gave Victoria’s Secret supermodel Xenia deli.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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