A passerby got thrown from a burning home baby


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In the American city of Dallas, Texas, a man caught a year-old baby whose mother threw out the window of a burning house. This publication reports The Independent.

The three-story apartment building caught fire early in the morning when many residents were still asleep. Byron Campbell (Byron Campbell) was driving by and noticed the fire. He stopped near the building and joined the police and firefighters who went from house to house and knocking on doors to warn of the danger.

Campbell noticed one of the Windows a woman with a baby. She was on the third floor, the exits from which were cut off by fire. “The child was crying and coughing. It was clear that his lungs were full of smoke and everything else, says Campbell. I told her to throw me a baby. She did, and I caught him and carried to a safe place.”

Under the Windows spread out the mattresses, which jumped six people who remained on the third floor, including the child’s mother. As a result of the fire, two tenants and one firefighter suffered minor injuries, about 40 people were left homeless.

In April it was reported that in the American North-St. Paul, Minnesota, a firefighter caught a baby thrown from the window of a burning building. A man and his three-month old baby appeared in the window of the second floor of an apartment building. He explained that he sees no other way out, and threw the baby to the rescuer.

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