American teenagers stole a tractor and flew the plane


Picture: Uintah County Sheriff’s Office

In Utah, two teenagers stole a tractor, and then the plane. Reported by Deseret News Utah.

Two Teens 14 and 15 years of vacationing with friends in the district Unit and decided to steal a tractor. They reached the private airstrip where he stole a single-engine sport plane.

According to the Associated Press, they flew 2.4 kilometres of the highway and landed at the local airport. On the spot they waited for the police.

Teenagers were arrested and placed in juvenile detention center. What charges they will impose is not specified, however it is reported that the investigation of the incident.

In 2017 teenagers from Florida stole the Porsche Cayman and 200 thousand dollars for the purchase of gold teeth, jewelry and cars for relatives.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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