Appeared the details of the last moments of the flight crashed in Indonesia plane


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The pilot crashed in Indonesia a passenger plane Boeing 737 Max 8 until recently tried to keep the aircraft in the air. This was told by responsible for aviation, the representative of the National Committee for transport safety of the country, Nurcahyo, Utomo (Nurcahyo Utomo), reports The Guardian.

In his speech before Parliament, he said that such developments demonstrate obtained from flight recorder data. The man explained that the plane was experiencing “the same problem” which arose in his previous flight, but they managed to cope.

According to Utomo, after takeoff, the captain and co-pilot started to receive different rates of speed. After that, Boeing began to descend, to rise above, and then received into the system incorrect data from a sensor of the angle of the nose of the ship. This is what led to the fact that the film “has pecked a nose”.

Pilot until the last moment tried to compensate for the tilt, but due to heavy load on the wheel “of the aircraft became increasingly difficult to manage,” said the official. In the end, Boeing collapsed and crashed into the sea surface at speeds of nearly 650 miles per hour.

Analysis of available data revealed no problems with aircraft engines. Is now finding the second black box, recording the negotiations of the pilots. It should accurately clarify what exactly happened on Board.

Earlier in November, it was reported that in some versions of the Boeing 737 MAX has a defect, because of which ships can fall into a dive, and the manufacturer did not notify the air carriers. It was stated that when an emergency situation incorrectly triggered, helping to avoid dangerous scoring nose.

Boeing 737 Max 8, heading to one of the Islands near the Indonesian Sumatra, was wrecked off the coast of Java island on October 29. The plane disappeared from radar 13 minutes later after departure from the airport of the capital city of Jakarta. The disaster killed all aboard 189. After the crash it became known that during the previous flight of the liner was a technical problem, but its fixed.

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